AVI CHAI concluded its general grant making on December 31, 2019

Programs in Israel


The Expression of Jewish and Israeli Culture and Ideas

Housed in a beautiful building in the heart of Jerusalem, Beit AVI CHAI serves as a center for the creation and expression of Jewish and Israeli culture and education. Established in 2007 with the goal of attracting a diverse spectrum of Israeli society, Beit AVI CHAI focuses on programs geared to Jewish people living in Israel and, via its website, around the world.

By hosting cultural and educational programs and events, Beit AVI CHAI seeks to promote Israeli-Jewish culture and study through unique, often original, musical and theatrical events, lectures, discussions, exhibitions, and workshops, as well as a multi-faceted website that brings Jewish and Israeli culture directly into Israeli homes. To fulfill its mission, Beit AVI CHAI often works with organizations, institutions, and private donors who share the goal of strengthening and enhancing cultural and educational opportunities and activities for the Jewish people.

Our programs focus on:

• Jewish-Israeli thought and study—We sponsor a wide variety of lectures and discussions on topics that span the world of Jewish-Israeli philosophy, art, history, current events, and the latest developments in Israel. In addition, weekly groups focus on the in-depth study of Jewish texts.

• Jewish-Israeli music and culture—Beit AVI CHAI produces original cultural and musical programs that center on the Jewish-Israeli experience and express the cultural richness of the Jewish-Israeli world.

• The Jewish calendar—With a programmatic structure that focuses on the Jewish calendar, our programs include Rosh Chodesh events; a competition of Sukkah models in partnership with the Israel Museum; Sigd, a celebration of Ethiopian Jewry; Remembrance Day for Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin;  the Hagiborim Hozrim Family Chanukah Festival; the Jerusalem Syndrome street fair; Limud Leil Shavuot, an all-night study program; Book Week; Tisha B’av, a full-day film program; and the Piyut Festival.

• The Beit AVI CHAI website—Our site (www.bac.org.il) offers a breadth of articles, films, and live-streamed and recorded programs that take place at Beit AVI CHAI, plus an extensive archive of BAC programs. The site also includes articles and short projects that bring Jewish and Israeli society, literature, culture, and ideas to the fore.

• Exhibitions—The Beit AVI CHAI Gallery organizes changing exhibits that present varied aspects of and approaches to Jewish and Israeli life and art in a variety of artistic media, with curators and artists presenting and discussing their work.

• Collaborations and partnerships—To expand activities beyond its own walls, Beit AVI CHAI collaborates with leading cultural organizations in Jerusalem and across Israel to bring its programming to thousands of participants. These include the Sigd Festival, sponsored with the Beer-Sheva municipality; the Klezmer Festival, in collaboration with the Tzfat muncipality; "Sipur Mekomi” (a local story) in Dimona, Emek Hefer, and additional locations in collaboration with Galei Zahal; and the “Lo Bashamaim” festival in collaboration with the Upper Galilee regional council.

Given its large palette of activities, and recognizing that far more can be done for the Jewish people in Israel, Beit AVI CHAI seeks partners to expand and support its breadth of cultural and educational initiatives.